Saturday, March 28, 2009


I have recently been placed in the dilemma of desiring to remain focused on having a faithful walk during my Sojourning, and at the same time being brought into keen awareness of the damaging impact of my failures as I’ve walked along life's journey. Looking back over several years I can clearly see that I have often been a factory, which turned out damaged goods. This should not be a surprise to me because when I first learned of a redemptive road available to me, at the same time with crystal clarity, I saw my deep need. A friend once passed on an article to me about one man's life (a true story that came out of World War II) that to this day speaks abundantly of the wonder of being truly freed from the load of past failure and sin….
(click on the link and let his story speak to you)

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  1. Wow, really liked the story. It is a real life example of the things were are learning here.