Monday, May 13, 2013

Considering the "Laws of Nature"

Along my journey, there have been many people who have aided me in developing my thoughts about how living as a "sojourner" I should view the world around me.  One person who has influenced me greatly, though not all the time easily, was a man who was at his height of writing around the time of my birth.  This man, Clive Stapleton Lewis (often known as:  C.S. Lewis), a university professor, pointed my thinking away from my surface notions, pointing me towards a deeper way of reflecting. 

On April 4, 1945, he wrote a piece that was published in the Coventry Evening Telegraph, it was entitled "The Laws of Nature."  The piece wrestles with the thought of how some people believe that prayer is counter to the laws of nature. 

The article opened with a comment made by a friend at the start of a day before Lewis’s first student arrived. The friend expressed disagreement with something another said about her prayers being the reason her son was not killed by a bullet that nearly missed him. Before being interrupted the person concluded it “was simply due to the laws of Nature” and not prayer that it happen that way. Later when Lewis reflected on the matter he developed his argument for why upon careful analysis it isn’t just that simple. You have to consider the source behind these laws, something science is not able to explain. The essay is also available in written form in a book entitled:  God in the Dock
To give you a taste of how Lewis thought through this issue, below you'll find a video posted ( of and produced by a person named Kalman, who lives in New Zealand.  In Kalman's own words, "it is a live animation of a C.S. Lewis essay in the 1920 - 1940's 'Art Deco' style."  I hope you enjoy the seven minute video and ponder the message that it contains...

For further enquiry into C.S. Lewis:  There is a wealth of information found at a great blog: C.S. Lewis Blog:

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